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ThoughtEater takes great pride in providing homes and businesses with quality technical service - quality so good, many ThoughtEater clients have been benefitting from its service for TWENTY years! 100% of ThoughtEater's clients have come to ThoughtEater via word-of-mouth referrals - ThoughtEater has never paid for ads or marketing campaigns of any kind! ThoughtEater has clients in eight states!
For twenty years, ThoughtEater has been trusted by public leaders at the city, county, and state levels (Mayors, commissioners, councilmen/women, state representatives, et al public leaders), professional sports athletes (basketball and golf), global TV channel president, pastors, former FBI special agents, teachers, attorneys, doctors, investors, accountants, business owners, churches, law firms, district judge, law enforcement, mothers, fathers, retired seniors, property management companies, realtors, insurance companies, electricians, bail bondsmen, surveyors, medical processing companies, manufacturers, A/C service companies, and more!
You're encouraged to shop around, but it's unlikely you'll find comparable technical service for a lesser cost than ThoughtEater. As your IT department, and because of its ultra-low rates, ThoughtEater will become your secret weapon in business. ThoughtEater is so proud of its low rates that it gladly publishes them here for all to see. For detailed pricing info, click below! Pricing

About TTS

While ThoughtEater is recognized for its quality, trust, and low rates, the ThoughtEater team is driven by experience, integrity and passion!

  • Experience is what makes ThoughtEater so good at what they do. ThoughtEater's experience dates back to 1984.
  • Integrity is in everything ThoughtEater does. ThoughtEater wants to be your long-term technical service provider, and to help meet that goal ThoughtEater strives to maintain the highest level of service integrity.
  • Passion is the reason ThoughtEater does what they do. ThoughtEater loves doing what they do so much that they would feel guilty charging as much as the competition!
  • Quality is why 100% of ThoughtEater clients have been through word-of-mouth referrals!
  • Trust is why ThoughtEater's clients have stayed with ThoughtEater for TWENTY years!
  • Low Rates are why businesses and individuals leave their current techie for ThoughtEater!

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Meet Our Team

Our Core Team

Here to solve your tech issues - and quickly so - our lead techs are ready to go!


Jeff 'Gus' Ensminger

Chief Technology Officer

Specializes in software, networking, programming, database management, connectivity, problem-solving, IT support, email, printing, security, design, training.


Wade Perry

Senior System Admin., IT Support Specialist

Specializes in hardware, networking, project management, connectivity, problem-solving, IT support, email, printing, security, computer architecture, cloud architect.


Choose Your Plan

This section is under construction. Prices listed here are for design purposes only.

Basic MSP

$150 /computer, monthly

* Billed annually or quarterly

  • Resolve issues related to email, internet, printing, server-access, software, et al common usage
  • Manage anti-virus, firewall, et al security components
  • Virus cleanup
  • Nightly backups
  • Server and router management
  • Secure scrub of old computers
  • 24-hour response time

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Advanced MSP

$175 /computer, monthly

* Billed annually or quarterly

  • Resolve issues related to email, internet, printing, server-access, software, et al common usage
  • Manage anti-virus, firewall, et al security components
  • Virus cleanup
  • Nightly backups
  • Server and router management
  • Secure scrub of old computers
  • 24-hour response time

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Break/Fix (pay-as-you-go)

$105 /hour

* Billed each incident

  • Resolve issues related to email, internet, printing, server-access, software, et al common usage
  • Computer, printer, modems, router, wifi installation and config
  • Virus cleanup
  • Secure scrub of old computers
  • 96-hour response time

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Frequently Ask Questions

How much is the trip charge and bench fee?

$0! ThoughtEater does not charge for travel to your home or business! We'll even come pick up your sick computer and return it to you fixed! No trip charge if it's in one of these Florida counties; Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, or Volusia. ThoughtEater does not charge a bench fee either! For other great pricing, click Here!

MSP tech support model: Service is provided per an agreement for proactive monitoring and updates, emergency response, et al tech maintenance. Monthly flat fee. Predictable costs. Reduced downtime and increased productivity. Preventive tech support nullifies issues before they can occur. Tighter security for your computers and network.

B/F tech support model: Service is provided on a per issue basis. There are no long-term commitments (no monthly fee) and ThoughtEater bills at an hourly rate or flat fee for service to resolve the issue. Unpredictable costs. Increased downtime. Productivity losses. Less security for your computer and network. Click here for LOW Pricing

Rarely does ThoughtEater need to go on-site. 90% of tech issues and needs can be resolved remotely. Unless you opt for ThoughtEater to have unattended remote access, ThoughtEater will not be able to remote into your computer unless you specifically invite ThoughtEater from your computer. Remote support is a lesser hourly rate than on-site support. Click here for LOW Pricing

To request tech support, text or call (407) 448-7004 or email your request to Or you can Use the contact form.

Existing clients create a new trouble ticket or get the status of an existing ticket: Log into the ThoughtEater Service Portal

ThoughtEater can help as little or as much as you prefer. Some ThoughtEater clients prefer DIY tech support and call only when they can't fix it or after they * gasp * make it worse.

While working on your tech needs, ThoughtEater explains what's being done and why - in simple layman's terms. ThoughtEater does not try to bamboozle with mysterious tech terms. As part of ThoughtEater's 'nothing up my sleeve' policy, ThoughtEater wants you to fully understand what's going on.

Some ThoughtEater clients don't want the gory tech details - they just want to know when it's done and when they can use their system again. ThoughtEater does that, too. ThoughtEater is happy to satisfy your tech needs in the capacity you desire.

Be aware that sometimes the most expensive way to resolve an issue is to do it yourself or hire a cheap novice. That route can be costly, damaging, and very time-consuming. To get the job done right and quickly, Contact ThoughtEater.


Our Services

ThoughtEater can help you at your home or your business in a variety of ways. Whether you need a computer repaired, virus removal, work-from-home (VPN), or an entire network set up, ThoughtEater can get it done for you. ThoughtEater can service Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, DELL, HP, Lenovo, Asus, IBM and other computers, laptops, servers, printers and scanners. ThoughtEater can also implement and service routers, modems, repeaters, switches, WiFi, databases, web sites, hard drives, firewalls, tablets, phones, email, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Azure, web sites and more!

Virus Removal
Since 2001 ThoughtEater has maintained a 100% success rate of completely cleaning systems of unwanted viruses, worms, adware, malware, and spyware. If ThoughtEater can't clean your system of viruses or adware, you don't pay!§ ThoughtEater can determine how the infestation likely began and what preventive measures you should take to avoid future reoccurrences. ThoughtEater takes great care to preserve your data and settings throughout the cleaning process. Unlike our competitors, ThoughtEater will not resort to a reinstallation of your operating system (Windows) unless you request it. Click Here for Pricing
Hard Drive Scrubbing
ThoughtEater can permanently delete all data from your hard drive, meeting U.S. Department of Defense and HIPAA standards. When getting rid of old computers, printers, copiers, and scanners, it's crucial that your data be permanently removed from the drive to protect you or your business from data and identity theft. DON'T do it yourself! Simply deleting files and emptying the trash bin WILL NOT DO, as deleted data remains on the drive and can be easily stolen by hackers! ThoughtEater's thorough drive-scrubbing process ensures all data is truly removed forever from the drive. Don't take chances with your private data - have ThoughtEater scrub it for you! Click Here for Pricing
Operating System Reinstall
Sometimes the only or most practical resolution to many problems is to re-install the operating system (Windows or Mac). This price includes seamlessly migrating your data, like email, documents, favorites, music, photos, etc., to the new installation. Also included is installation of printers, scanners, and other hardware drivers. Includes installation of common apps such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, anti-virus, browsers, etc. and apps set as default to increase efficiency. ThoughtEater can typically provide this service in just one business day. Click Here for Pricing
Domains, Web and Email
Is your business still using AOL, GMail, or Yahoo email addresses? Improve the professional appearance of your company by getting a unique domain name (e.g. and email addresses at that domain (e.g. Click Here for Pricing
ThoughtEater can establish, expand, secure, fix and improve your WiFi network. Click Here for Pricing
ThoughtEater can establish a backup system for you so you can have peace of mind that you will not lose your data to hacking, computer failure, natural disaster, or virus. Click Here for Pricing
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Use these tips to save time, save money, and to protect your health and work! If you're not sure sure where to begin, click on the Windows Start button, type a keyword or phrase, then choose from the list.


Keyboard Cleaner

A clean keyboard is a healthy keyboard!

Windows Timeline

It saves time!


Capture all or part. Mark it up, print, save, share!

Dynamic Lock

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Web Page as PDF

CTRL+P to print, then choose the PDF option
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